Technology Designed to deliver the ultimate boating experience.

We aim to deliver the ultimate boating experience by providing outboard motors that are simple, easy to use and of outstanding quality. Simpliq™ Technology embodies the Tohatsu technological philosophy. Named for its integration of simplicity, interface and quality, Simpliq™ Technology is the result of continuous technological innovation fueled by the pursuit of nothing less than the very best.


While maintaining a lightweight motor, the functionality and durability has been improved to its highest level while sustaining simple architecture.


Simpliq™ Technology focuses on making your boating experience easier; easy to carry, easy to operate, and easy to maintain.


Quality for us is achieving maximum performance, durability, and environmental performance at the highest level possible. To achieve this requires countless hours of research and development by highly skilled engineers, and incorporating this philosophy throughout every step of the manufacturing process. All this is made possible by sticking to our Simpliq™ Technology


LPG Powered

Sailors are no longer forced to carry petrol on board thanks to our new MFS5CLPG outboard. This LPG model offers easier starting, quiter operations and provides less maintenance on fuel related parts. Plus, it's 30% cleaner than conventional outboards.

Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection

The 30 ps and 25 ps have the industry's first battery-less electronically controlled fuel injection that provides quick throttle response, excellent fuel economy and very smooth rides on the water.

Variable Idling Control

Idling/Trolling speed can be adjusted in three/four different rpm ranges by pressing a key-switch.

TOCS (Tohatsu Onboard Communication System)

TOCS supports communication between other standard electric devices onboard by simple plug and play.

Self-Diagnostics System

The tachometer informs the operator of potential problems through the meter indicator and warning lamp. (Remote models only.)

Multi-Function Tiller Handle (Option)

It offers smooth control and easy operation having key-switch, big-shift handle, & trim/tilt switch on a big tiller handle.

Water Flushing System

Comes standard with a convenient builtin freshwater flush system that simplifies routine engine flushing.

Improved Gear Ratio

Offers wide selection of propellers Gear Ratio (26:12 / 2.17) to be capable of using bigger propellers.

Our Outboards

We are uncompromising in our pursuit of outboard motors that are both durable and as light as possible. We pursue the ultimate in quality to deliver an inspirational engine experience.

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